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10131 - Vegetable Dye Wool Large Rug - 300X500cm


10131 - Vegetable Dye Wool Large Rug - 300X500cm

$7,500.00 $15,000.00

The Story

Larger rugs are always been more stunning, but when you have the warmth and traditional charm of this one, it goes to the next level.

It is clear this one will be a favourite, because it combine vitality with subtlety for the perfect combination.

The colours are so rich and inviting, the pattern unique and intricate, as you would expect from such an exquisite Persian rug.

Simply look at the array of colours in this one, and we are sure you will fall in love with it.

Let the charm and elegance of this piece take over your room, as character is hard to find, but this piece has loads of it.



300cm X 500cm 



Handknotted by master weavers to give you decades, if not centuries, of use.

The rug is hand-knotted in India.

The rug has a 100% wool pile.


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