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10190 - Vegetable Dye Wool Large Rug - 300X400cm


10190 - Vegetable Dye Wool Large Rug - 300X400cm

$5,250.00 $10,500.00

The Story

Like a buried artifact, the design on this transitional beauty is unearthed. Biege background, with the royal blue design, the colours are subtle and calming.

It is clear this one will be a favourite, because it combine vitality with subtlety for the perfect combination.

Make no mistake, this rug has plenty of life, and yet it is not overpowering in any sense.

We love this stunning rug, the design is so well thought out and the colours so appropriate. We know this will become the talking point of your room.

Whether your home is modern or traditional, this big beautiful rug will have a role to play in your design scheme.



300cm X 400cm 



Handknotted by master weavers to give you decades, if not centuries, of use.

The rug is hand-knotted in India.

The rug has a 100% wool pile.


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